Write your business book!

I don’t often narrate non-fiction as I love the fictional worlds authors create, full of drama, comedy and all those wonderful characters – just released though is one of the few: ‘Your Business Your Book’ by Ginny Carter and I had just as much fun! Ginny is a wizard at entertaining the reader / listenerContinue reading “Write your business book!”

‘Orrible bloody murder…

I’m thrilled to announce The Passion of the Ripper by Nicolas Nicastro is now on sale. I had a ball narrating this book – a different take on the Ripper Murders and a wonderful evocation of Victorian / Edwardian London and its many inhabitants. The writing moves through meticulous historical detail, unflinching examination of depravityContinue reading “‘Orrible bloody murder…”

Blood Red City

Another recent narration, Blood Red City by Rod Reynolds is now available on Audible. I loved narrating this – such fantastically drawn characters and a great new duo created by the author. I do love the chance to narrate menacing characters, one doesn’t get the opportunity to menace enough generally! When crusading journalist Lydia WrightContinue reading “Blood Red City”

The Promise

Delighted to see The Promise – by Kathleen Harryman and Lucy Marshall – one of my most recent narrations is now available. This was a challenging read – for the subject matter and the accents! Thanks to Anita Gilbert, accent coach extraordinaire for her assistance with the Czech character! Whitby, September 1939. As Britain isContinue reading “The Promise”

The Cornish Retribution

Recorded over Christmas and New Year, Amanda James’ The Cornish Retribution has just been released on Audible.com and I’m pleased to see has secured a 5star review to kick us off. This is the first novel I’ve narrated in the first person and that made it challenging, strangely. I enjoy bringing characters to life inContinue reading “The Cornish Retribution”

Someone must be missing something…

I’ve recently completed the second in the series of Lake People novels by C L Bevill – as narrator and producer. Disembodied bones is the story of Leonie Simmonead. Leonie has a gift, like many of her relatives but hers is slightly different – she can sense when someone is missing – but only ifContinue reading “Someone must be missing something…”