‘Orrible bloody murder…

I’m thrilled to announce The Passion of the Ripper by Nicolas Nicastro is now on sale. I had a ball narrating this book – a different take on the Ripper Murders and a wonderful evocation of Victorian / Edwardian London and its many inhabitants. The writing moves through meticulous historical detail, unflinching examination of depravity and abuse, curious investigation of possible motivations to a heartbreaking rendering of life for the oppressed poor and the attitudes of the establishment and pervading patriarchy.

The author has created such fascinating, bright, sharp characters and a London layered with grime, shrieking laughter and desperation, humour and darkness – from fog-drenched to velvet rich and all shades in-between.

Written by Nicolas Nicastro

“More than a grisly murder thriller. The story Nicastro tells is a poignant romance…turning bloody legend into heart-aching tragedy. Nicastro has written an engaging page-turner that lays bare the minds of Victorian London.” (Tompkins Weekly)

The audiobook has already gained a 5-star review:

‘The Passion of the Ripper’ is a fascinating and unique telling about the infamous and mysterious Jack the Ripper. Nicastro’s weaving of the story is engrossing as is Melanie Crawley’s outstanding and enthralling narration. I highly recommend this audio book to everyone looking for a fresh and exciting telling about, arguably, the most famous unsolved mystery of all time.

In the chilly summer of 1888, the city of London is introduced to an innovation in evil.

A brutal series of murders of London’s most vulnerable women casts the city into a frenzy of fear and suspicion, pushing it to a state of panic not seen in centuries. Jack the Ripper has arrived.

When Scotland Yard begins to find traces of Jack’s handiwork in a string of seemingly unrelated killings, will the world’s most notorious serial killer be caught at last?

This is a different kind of Ripper story. Not just a whodunit, but an unflinching exploration of the killer, his city, and his times. It tells this well-known mystery from the inside out, from the points of view of the police, his final victim, and the man who – years later – became the prime suspect. For, Jack’s career didn’t end with the horrific murder of Mary Jane Kelly. With something wicked lurking around every corner, The Passion of the Ripper is a devilishly dark thriller, perfect for Ripperologists and mystery fans, alike.

Praise for The Passion of the Ripper

“More than a grisly murder thriller. The story Nicastro tells is a poignant romance…turning bloody legend into heart-aching tragedy. Nicastro has written an engaging page-turner that lays bare the minds of Victorian London.” (Tompkins Weekly)

“A strong new entry in the world of Ripper fiction.” (Ripperologist)

Nicholas Nicastro was born in Astoria, New York, in 1963. He has a BA in English from Cornell, an MFA in film-making from New York University, an MA in archaeology, and a PhD in psychology from Cornell. His writings include short fiction and travel and science articles. Among his published novels are The Isle of Stone: A Novel of Ancient Sparta, Ella Maud, and Empire of Ashes.

Blood Red City

Another recent narration, Blood Red City by Rod Reynolds is now available on Audible. I loved narrating this – such fantastically drawn characters and a great new duo created by the author. I do love the chance to narrate menacing characters, one doesn’t get the opportunity to menace enough generally!

When crusading journalist Lydia Wright is sent a video of an apparent murder on a London train, she thinks she’s found the story to revive her career. But she can’t find a victim, much less the killers, and the only witness has disappeared. 

Wary she’s fallen for fake news, she begins to doubt her instincts – until a sinister call suggests that she’s not the only one interested in the crime. Michael Stringer deals in information – and doesn’t care which side of the law he finds himself on. But the murder on the train has left him exposed, and now he’ll stop at nothing to discover what Lydia knows.   

When their paths collide, Lydia finds the story leads through a nightmare world, where money, power and politics intersect and information is the only thing more dangerous than a bullet.  

A nerve-shattering and brutally realistic thriller, Blood Red City bursts with energy and grit, twisting and feinting to a superb, unexpected ending that will leave you breathless.  

Video footage of an apparent murder on a London train thrusts crusading journalist Lydia into a terrifying web of money, politics and power in this sophisticated, shockingly believable contemporary thriller   

A witness with no victim. A crime with no crime scene….